Mark Matthew

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Since March 2018 I have been having wrist pain and weakness in my right hand. I was also having pain in my right knee. Both were due to old sports injury, causing me difficulty in my daily activities and was affecting my performance at work. I had to stop all forms of strenuous exercise including badminton and running which I was quite active in.

I went to see Doctors for help. Clinical examinations and radiographic investigations were done. My case was complex and according to them it’s best for me to see a hand specialist. The problem was there are no hand specialist in Sabah but an appointment can be arranged with the visiting hand specialist who comes once in every two to three months. However God had better plans for me when I experienced help from the creator of hands Himself.

Two weeks ago, Ps Rod Sundholm was preaching and I was reminded that I am already healed because Jesus took my infirmities and bore my diseases on the cross two thousand years ago. Though I have heard this many times but those words became very clear to me that very moment. It was a word in season. It gave me faith to believe that I am already healed.

As Ps Rod was praying and worship was going on in the background, I felt a force arising from within me causing me to tear. Then my right fist started clenching and my muscles flexed real hard. Something which was difficult for me to do for the past few months since my right hand felt weak. Now i realise that it was being strengthened. My right hand was then raised in the air and I sensed God telling me “I am restoring your right hand. You have the authority against sickness and disease. No more stealing from the enemy. I am restoring to you all the enemy has stolen and much more”. My hand then started to twist and turn as though it was going through a re-alignment. Ps Rod then prayed for me and I felt my body falling backwards to the ground. As I was laying on the floor my hand continued to twist and turn which caused me to groan in pain. When it was over I stood up, gave thanks to God and gave him all the glory. Ps Rod and his wife reminded me to continue proclaiming that I am already healed no matter what symptoms that may return.

Today my right hand is pain free and stronger than before. I finally started playing badminton and running again after more than half a year. So dear friends, be courageous in claiming your healing for Jesus went through hell being scourged, nailed and mocked so that you and I may be healed today. All glory to Jesus Christ!