Faith Story by Elder Sylvester Moloyos

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After dawn prayer one Thursday morning, as I was going to work at 9.20am, I saw a missed call from my younger sister who lives in Sandakan with her family. She and her husband have 4 children. I decided to return her call upon reaching my office nearby. But before I could call her, my older sister called. She asked if I had spoken to my younger sister. She told me that our younger sister’s husband, who had been part of a research team in a thick jungle near the border of Malaysia and Indonesia, had been reported as a “missing person”.

When I heard that, I became numb and felt helpless; not knowing what I should do.

I called my younger sister at 9.32am. She told that she received a report about 9.00am as she was preparing to go to school where she taught the afternoon session. The report said that on Wednesday afternoon, her husband was part of a group of several people tracking near a river. Suddenly his colleagues realized that my brother-in-law was no longer with them. The group started searching. By late afternoon when my brother-in-law was still not found, they sent for a rescue team. But by 9pm, he was still not found. The rescue team had to abandon the search, to continue 7am Thursday morning. Hence the “missing person” report.

I was talking with her and assuring her, she asked what she should be doing; whether she should still go to school. Not knowing what needed to be done, I asked her to call her principal to explain the situation, and to say that she will not be going to school; I asked her to stay at home and wait.

After putting down the phone, I tried to inform my wife Annie, but she was busy with 2 video conferences in one morning. So, I just sat and prayed, pondering what could have happened to my brother-in-law. Philippians 7:6-7 came to me, and I prayed and claimed the verses for my sister. I also remembered the PowerPoint slides I had prepared for dawn prayer the next morning. It was about our God who answers prayer, and is attentive to the prayer offered to Him (2 Chronicles 7:15).

At 9.48am, I send a text to the Elders’ group, asking them to pray. Soon, earnest prayer was offered for my brother-in-law’s safety and protection.

By then, Annie had read all the messages. As we worked, we prayed aloud. I sent a text to my sister that our church leaders and groups are praying for her and her family, and that her husband will be found safe.

As prayer support continued to come, Annie forwarded some of the prayers to my sister. She was very encouraged and acknowledged them all.

At 10.39am, my phone rang. I saw my sister’s number. As I picked up her call, my heart beat very fast, not knowing what she would say! Her first word was, “koko, dia sudah kena jumpa!”. I let go a sigh of relief and gave Annie a thumbs up. After reassuring her, I put down the phone. Then Annie and I just dGod for His grace, mercy and faithfullness.

At 10.42am, I text the Elders’ group informing them that my brother-in-law had been found! Hallelujah!

God answers prayer. Truly believe that He answers prayers. In desperate situations like this, my own prayer was answered, and so soooon (a speedy Gonzales answered prayer). It really raises my faith in God. We are called to pray at such a time as this.

Prayer Works! Praise be to God.