If you have decided to make Skyline your home, we invite you to take the next step in your spiritual journey. We love because He first loved us. As followers of Christ, we are called to reach out and love those who are lost and need Jesus. One way you can reach out to others is through volunteering in Skyline! This is a place not only to see God work in the lives of others, but in your life as well!


Come and join our vibrant community of volunteers dedicated to create a warm and secure environment for others. Starting from the moment each guest enters the parking lot, our Host team, which includes Parking Attendants, Greeters, Ushers, Info Providers, and Hospitality Enthusiasts, worked together to ensure everyone feels welcome, and ready to embrace the word of God.



If you have attended university, then you know how hard it can be and the kind of struggles and difficulties students face. You have to be more responsible, manage your finances, and deal with social pressures. Especially if you’re away from home, things can get pretty tricky. Help university students navigate life and equip them with practical tools as they prepare for their future careers.



Teenagers are our future. This is the time when they start to work out who they are, where they fit into the world, and what their identity is. So many voices will be speaking to them, whether it’s their parents, teachers, friends, or social media. However, the most important voice they need to hear is the voice of God. Here at YO!COM, we want to give them the space and tools to do just that. Invest in the lives of the next generation on Saturday evenings and help young people grow their faith.



J Team is our Children's Ministry that happens every Sunday at 8:30am & 10:45am on-site. Children are the future, and here at Skyline, we believe in laying a strong foundation and shaping the hearts of the new generation for God. We welcome any Skyliner who can teach simple lessons, play games or take on simple roles. Come join us J Team teachers and serve with flexible time and joy, only serving once a month for less than an hour, feel free to ask our J Team leader any questions!



Creative Team is a group of passionate and inspired people that have the privilege of bringing people closer to God through the power of worship every week. We are more than just a team, but a family that has a heart for God and artistry in music, sound, lights, and visuals. Bring people closer to God with us by playing instruments, singing, or managing our lights & sound.



The media team is the ministry that plays an integral part in how we reach out to people beyond our regular church meetings whether through Audio Recording, Videography, Live Streaming, Photography, or Social Media. If any of these departments interest you, let us know! If people are unable to come to church, help us bring church to them!



SkyCommunity is our missions ministry where we are committed to providing support and aid to the less fortunate both financially and physically. Make a difference with us in the rural areas of Sabah. Show love to the poor & needy by contributing financially or with your time.



Skyline Workplace is our marketplace ministry focused toward sharing the Gospel in places of business and teaching Christians on how to be successful in their careers without compromising their faith. We run outreach programs in various workplaces and want to provide more locations to reach more areas of business in Sabah. See how you can help empower others to share the Gospel in their workplace.