Life can be tough and we all have struggles, hurts, and regrets. Crossover is a time to be prayed for, a safe space to find healing, and a place to meet with God. It is not only meant for people who need support, but also for people who want to see more victories in their lives.


Crossover is held in small groups that has a comfortable and safe atmosphere where you can share and be supported. There is no teaching involved and we have a compassionate and warm team who will be there to listen and pray with you.


If you are feeling tired, burnt out, or just need someone to talk to, we encourage you to attend Crossover! Living life in freedom is just around the corner. Come as you are and get to know His grace and love for you.

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CrossOver - English
Understand Your Victory in Christ
25th November, 9am - 4pm @ Skyline SIB