Faith Story by Sairah Indan

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During the night before Rhema Fest, I had a nightmare. I dreamt that an evil guy wanted to stab me in my abdomen. In my dream I saw this guy with an ugly face come near me. I was scared as he was drawing near me with a dagger in his hand. I cried out, ‘Jesus help me’ Then I woke up. Immediately I felt a sharp pain on my abdomen which really affected my mobility. I was not sure what caused the sudden pain onset, but I sensed it could be a spiritual attack. I considered going to see a doctor, but decided to stay and listen to Rev Chad’s teaching instead, believing for supernatural healing.

On the morning of 22nd August, 2020, the pain was so strong, I could not sit properly. Nevertheless, I continued to listen attentively to Rev Chad, and to take notes. As the day progressed and the Word of God was preached, I began to absorb the truth and to focus on Him. I was excited to hear about my positional rights, my union with God through Jesus Christ, and that His life is flowing through me. I was bubbling with joy inside. When Rev chad asked if anyone was healed, I suddenly realised that the pain was gone! Completely gone, with no trace. I didn’t even know when it disappeared. Till today, I have not had that pain again.

Glory be unto the Lord our healer. The word of God is powerful. Amen!