Faith Story by Steeve Koh

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Recently my 76-year-old mother and her care giver tested positive for Covid and were admitted to Queen Elizabeth 1 Hospital. The doctors diagnosed her as Covid stage 3. Sadly, her care giver passed away a few days after the admission. The news came as a huge shock to us, the family.

My mom had just completed her 2nd dose of vaccination early July.

We informed other family members, relatives, connect group members and friends of the news, and they all joined in to pray for her healing.

Thank God for His healing hand upon my mother. After 11 days she was discharged from the hospital. Furthermore, my father, my brother and his family who were staying in the same house tested negative.

I am brought to remember of the story of the man who was lowered from the roof by his friends to see Jesus. When Jesus saw his friends’ faith, Jesus proceeded to heal him. Thank God for everyone’s prayers – the wonder of prayers by God’s community.

Thank God for ministering to us during these tough times, comforting u;, and giving us peace in the face of adversity.

Thank God for the great service and care from all the doctors, nurses, and staff of the Queen Elizabeth 1 Hospital – they took good care of my mother throughout her admission there.

Thank God also for bringing the family closer to Him as a unit during this difficult time.

All praise and glory to God.