Faith Story by Charles Michael Albert

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I am currently doing my Master in Science at UMS. During the first two semesters of my study, I faced financial struggles, as I needed to pay tuition fees. I had applied for a few scholarships, and almost got one of them, but unfortunately, it fell through. I couldn’t get it due to a problem that could not be avoided. I was very disappointed.

In 2019 I attended the dawn prayer meetings, then held at the church premises. I still remember all the prayer points that I jotted down on the paper to put into the prayer bowl. One of items was the request for a scholarship. Although that prayer was not answered during that season, I believed that everything would happen beautifully, in His time, and not by my timing.

Soon after that, I attended an interview for a scholarship at the campus. I did my best, and I left the rest to Jesus. One night few months later when I was driving on my way to SkyHop (Skyline House of Prayer) where we had scheduled a prayer meeting, an email notification popped on my phone screen. The header of the email was “Congratulations”. I didn’t immediately check my mail because I thought it was just promotional content or scam.

When I arrived at the parking lot, I checked my phone. Yes, it was an official email from the scholarship administration department. It was stated that I passed the interview, and my scholarship application was approved. Praise the Lord. I was able to reclaim the fees I paid for earlier during that semester. Furthermore, all expenses related to my study (tuition fees, monthly allowance) are sponsored.

Thank You, Jesus, for answering my prayer.