Faith Story by Veronica Thai

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Since MCO started last year, I have not been able to visit my family in Miri, Sarawak, due to the travel restrictions. At times I worry about my family – how are they doing. It is especially more now because my father is now at home with my younger brother who is just finish his STPM. My other brother is in Bintulu and has not been able to cross district due to the rising number of cases in Sarawak.

On 30th August, my father told me that he has been called to get a swab test because one of his friends whom he met at a coffee shop was tested positive for Covid-19. My heart sunk and I started to worry. I couldn’t sleep well at night worrying about him. He told me he was okay – no symptoms – but I was still worried. I prayed for God’s protection over my family and for healing upon my father.
After my father had his swab test, he was asked to self-quarantine at home for ten days. During those days, I felt anxious because the number of cases keep increasing. God reminded me to Be Still, and to know that He is watching over my family. To Be still and know that He is God Who heals and protects His people. To Be Still and to know that He provides and hears our needs. God gave me peace at the moment I needed it.

On the 3rd day after taking the swab test, my father’s test result came back negative. When I received the news, I felt relieved and praised the Lord. On 6the 6th day of his self-quarantine, he was requested to have another swab test. Then on the next day, he told me that his second swab test result was also negative and that he no longer needed to self-quarantine. I thank God for His protection over my family. He knew I worried about my family back home. God hears my prayer and sees my worries.

God knows our struggles, He knows our needs, He knows how we are during this pandemic time. The verse in Psalm 46:10 says Be still and know that I am God. Put your faith and trust in Him. Praise the Lord!