Faith Story by Eleni Krishnan

Skylinesib   -  

When Ps Philip made the call for to pray for people who got affected by Covid and are now suffering from it during session 2 of the Limit-Less Conference, I went up to the altar. I cried and cried. It was the deep kind of cry, and I felt like God had put a plunger into me and removed all blockages. I had a sense of fullness, and there was a layer on top my chest/lungs. After the prayer, I felt lightness and airiness in my chest and lungs. It continued till the night when I was leading worship. I could sing and hold notes so much better. I didn’t feel any fullness or heaviness on my chest, and singing was easy. It was so different from the first night! I am continuing to pray and standing in faith for a full healing post Covid. AMEN!


Eleni Krishnan