Faith Story by Arulselvan

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“I am Arulselvan, recently retired. I had written many articles in English, Malay and Tamil. God is very good and His grace and mercy always upon me and I had given testimony last year. Actually, I plan to do translation once retired, this is to use my experience and knowledge to God’s ministry.

The opportunity came when I come across Pastor Philip’s book entitled “Sons of Issachar”. The book was translated to other languages, but not in Tamil. So, before I transferred back to KL at the end of May after my retirement, I talked to pastor, ask his permission to do the translation. I admired his sermon and I want Tamil readers also benefit from his writing. By God’s grace, he gave permission. Last two months after retirement I practically do the translation every day. By God grace, I had completed and now upgraded the standard. Meantime, my uncle, retired theology college lecturer (Rev) is reading to polish it.  Few of my friends discourage me from doing this.

Retirement is meant for enjoyment. But I feel different way. I learned a lot about ministry in Skyline and I want to use my talent and knowledge to do God’s ministry. One of the ways is by doing translation of materials related to ministry. I told pastor that I will complete the work by 2 months. My aim is to give the complete work by Skyline AGD. By God’s grace I am able to do it. This also gave me an opportunity to learn more about ministry. God also helps me in my work and I realized the inaccurate language used in Tamil Bible. This work helps me to grow more closer with God.”