Skyline turns 22 this 6th of August and you are invited! Faith Promise Day is a celebration of giving, counting our blessings and remembering God’s promises to our church. This is where we give by faith as a church and sow into the kingdom of God for His Glory.

This year our theme is "Presence". It’s about building hope! It’s about building lives! It’s about building faith! Here’s what our Senior Pastor has to say about this year’s Faith Promise Day.


As the church grows each year, we celebrate by giving. Faith Promise Day is our annual birthday celebration where we come together to remember how good God has been to us and give out of the goodness of His Grace. As we grow in faith and size, so does the amount we give. Every year we give both locally and overseas to various communities and ministries. And this Faith Promise Day, we will be focusing on giving towards our future home: SkyArena!


When our church started, we were renting a small room that only fit around 60 people. At the time we did not have a blueprint, but with God anything is possible. Fast forward 22 years, we are now building our new home that will be a physical hub with a digital outreach to plant new churches for the future. A place where we raise the next generation of leaders and believers, to impact the workplace, community, and to reach out to the poor. A future home and blessing to our city. We are giving and sowing into a legacy that will outlast our lives and bring glory to God.


Twenty-two years ago, we gave away over RM 35,000 and this year we’re setting our goal to RM 2.99 Million Ringgit and beyond! We believe in the God of the more than and are excited to see Him move this Faith Promise Day!




  • Skycommunity Students Hostel, Kota Marudu
    • This pilot student hotel aims to build academic & spiritual excellence under the supervision of Skyline wardens. It reaches the next generation of neglected Bumiputeras who are now becoming influencers to their community
  • Skyline Crisis Relief Community Fund
    • This is an emergency fund set up to help support the local rural and city communities in the event of major disasters or crises.
  • Sabah SIB Interior Pre-School Project
    • Jawatankuasa Pendidikan Prasekolah SIB (JPPS) is an arm SIB Sabah that has been formed to champion the urgency to establish preschool education for the indigenous children of Sabah, giving them a good headstart in education and keeping their faith for generations to come.
  • Sabah SIB Interior Pastors & Evangelists
    • Pastors and evangelists are greatly needed to grow the interior churches and to prevent erosion of faith. The work of SIB Sabah in leading, charting and building the faith of interior bumiputras are crucial for the future of Sabah’s indigenous people.
  • Sabah Campus Crusade for Christ
    • Campus Crusade is known for its caring, loving community; partnerships with churches; life-coaching materials and programmes such as The Significant Project; marriage and family ministries; leading and guiding the youths in their faith.
  • SIB Sabah Headquarters
  • Malaysia CARE
    • Malaysian CARE is a non-profit Christian NGO committed to serving the poor and needy irrespective of religion and ethnicity. They focus on empowering communities, aim for long-term sustainable development and seeks to partner local churches and the people they serve.
  • Scripture Union Malaysia
    • Scripture Union aims to partner churches in making the Good News known to children, youths and their families; and encourage people grow in Word & prayer; so that they may come to faith in Christ, grow in Christian maturity, become committed church members and servants of a world in need.
  • Operation Mobilization, Malaysia
    • OM Malaysia’s primary role is to mobilize and equip Malaysia believers for mission as well as mentoring the Next Generation in discipleship and evangelism.
  • Barn Sukniran Education Thailand
    • Barn Sukniran is a re-education and vocational center for underprivileged young girls in Bangkok.
  • Brookside Rural Children Fund, Sri Lanka
    • To help provide food and nourishment for some of the rural children of Sri Lanka so that they can continue their education uninterrupted after the recent economic crisis where food and fuel were in short supply. This is in partnership with Brookside Church, Colombo.