Faith Story by Caroline Lung & Helper

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It was Day 3 of Rhema Fest “Anointed for Healing”. I was looking forward for the morning session; to pray and receive a tangible healing anointing. Initially I had decided to go to mum’s house to pray for my mum. Then I found out that my helper was having a severe stomach pain. She said she felt as if there was a growth and squeezing her stomach. I told about the healing session.

At about 12 pm, she joined the remaining few minutes of Rev Chad’s third session. I told her that I was going to pray for the healing of her stomach by saying “These hands are going to heal you because these are the hands of Jesus as the Holy Spirit is in me”. I asked her whether she has received the Lord Jesus as her Lord and Savior; she said, “Yes”. Then I told her likewise, the Holy Spirit is in her.

I placed my hands on her stomach, and prayed for the pain to go, for complete restoration in her stomach, and for her to receive the healing from the Lord Jesus which had been done 2000 years ago. By HIS stripes she is healed.

After praying, she still felt the same. I asked her to read Romans 8:11 and meditate and keep on believing. I told her she was receiving healing as the word of God says; the life of God is inside her to make alive her mortal body. Then I asked her to send me WhatsApp message if she felt better.

I left her at 12:20 pm. At around 3 pm; during testimony session at Rhema Fest, I checked my phone and saw her message which she sent at 2:12 pm. She wrote, “Praise the Lord, I got less of pain Carol….” Hallelujah! God is always ready to heal! We serve an awesome God! All glory to God!