Faith Story by Cecilia Bulit

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I had neck pain for almost a week. I could not move my neck to my right side properly, without having to turn my whole body. It was quite annoying, especially when driving.

On the 22nd of August, before Rev Chad ended the morning, he said that “there are some of you right now, something is going on in your body, check that out”, Actually I was not conscious of my neck pain till he said that. So I turned my neck to my right side, and to my surprise, the pain was gone! I tried to turn to my right side again and again just to make sure. Indeed the pain was no longer there. Praise the Lord! I am healed “accidentally”. I was not expecting that to happen, I was so absorbed in the teaching, and in awe of the Greater One that is in me.

Glory be to God!

Cecilia Bulit (Rhema Kuching – BEM Grace)