Faith Story by Cheong Chin Kuan

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Just to testify on God’s goodness and protection this week. I was cleaning my lower and upper fish ponds last weekend. The lower pond (ground level) is 5ft deep and I have reduced the water level to a foot deep. The upper pond is 5ft above ground level, creating a waterfall effect when water overflow from upper pond to lower pond. The height is 10 feet ie 5ft + 5ft. 

On Monday, I took a brick and stepped up on the edge (1 foot higher) of the upper pond with the intention to place it on top of a cover…. Instead of the concrete, I stepped on a piece of plank. I slipped n fell… I could vividly see the water at the lower pond as my head/shoulder was going down first. That is a 11ft plunge! But there was no fear at that point. Then I heard a loud thud with my shoulder hitting something relatively soft. I realized I have landed on an aluminium plank (covering the water filter) at the edge of the lower pond. There and then, I knew an angel was with me and protected me. Just another few inches I would have ended at the bottom of the lower pond and the consequences would be serious. It is truly a miracle as the plank I stood on and the brick I held ended inside the lower pond. There were some bruises  and cuts, and initial pain on one of my knees. But today I could testify that I am back to normal, and grateful for His grace/mercy and protection.


As we continue to serve Him, He will watch over us and preserve us. Yes, I do learn my lesson to be wiser, and am forever thankful for His goodness and favour. God is good! Have a wonderful day! God bless 🙏