Faith Story by Datin Iris Lin

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For the past few months I experienced eye discomfort. My eyes were dry, easily tired  and there was secretion that blurs my vision. I claimed healing, used eye drops, rested my eyes often, slowed down in reading and writing. But my eyes didn’t  get better. I became disappointed with myself .

Praise God for this Rhema Fest Module “Anointed Healing” taught by Rev Chad. God’s word is so well expounded, and John 5:21 awakened the truth in my heart. I was fully persuaded that the ‘zoe’  life of God has been given to me and is in me the moment I received Jesus as my Saviour. My spirit is united with God’s death-raising power which is waiting to manifest when I activate and draw it out.

Holding on this truth I laid my hands over my eyes and prayed that ‘zoe’, the death-raising life of God in me is flowing out of my spirit into my eyes; vitalizing, healing and restoring every part of my eyes.

I opened my eyes and looked around.  Glory to God! Everything I see is bright and clear. My eyes are now comfortable; neither dry, nor tired.

I’m awed by the love of Father God! He has equipped us with all we need to live life victoriously on earth so that the world can see Jesus the way God intended for Him to be seen through us, Amen. Glory to God in the highest!!!