Faith Story by Datuk Adeline Leong

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Praise be to God that when I put my hands on my left knee, the ache is gone! My left knee has been giving me some problems because I have been walking up and down the hill outside my house daily for one hour for the past 5 months because of the MCO. I think my knee has been overused. It was just yesterday that I went for treatment at the physiotherapist. Hallelujah there is no more ache now!

This Rhema Fest with Rev Chad is very enlightening for me. It is a revelation for me to learn that God is in us and that we have the power to heal. That power is inside of us, in our Spirit Man so that we can draw it out. We only have to know that this power is already inside us and we must be aware of this.

I find that the 40 days of prayer and fasting has also grown my faith. Owing to our Zoom Dawn Prayer meetings, I got to know our Skyline leaders better and continued building my faith daily through listening to the wonderful prayers and inspiring testimonies. It is also a joy to attend Dr Ken and Liz’s Connect Group – Gusto H2O, to learn more from them, Elder Sylvester and Annie and the others in the CG.

What I learnt from Freeda Bower’s 40 Days of Healing and Encounter with God is also very inspiring. She says Speak Life and Life will flow into our bodies but Speak Death, you will get more sick. So we should always speak positively, that our pain is less, that we have no worries. Once we do these things, miracles will begin to happen!

Father, I thank you that your Life is flowing right through our bodies and we have the power to heal. I thank you Lord for this opportunity to hear Ps Chad and to know that you are inside us giving us the healing power. Jesus has already put the equipment in us to heal. All we need is to act upon it, to read and listen to the Word of God, to pray, fast and grow in the Spirit. We pray Lord for this healing power to work in us. In Jesus name, we pray.