Faith Story by Datuk Mary Yap

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It was such a joyful privilege for me to attend Rhema “Anointed To Heal” webinar sessions conducted by Rev. Chad Gonzales and I am so blessed to have experienced God’s healing in my ring finger of my right hand.

I had been having pain in this finger for sometime and it was swollen so I had to literally force my wedding ring out as the swelling was causing me great discomfort. However, lo and behold, with praises to the Lord, the pain is now a thing of the past.

On 20 August 2020, Rev. Chad, in his concluding remarks said that healing would take place there and then for those who were suffering from arthritis, knuckle or joint pains, and I said “God, that is me!” Immediately I sensed an excruciating pain running through my finger and after that, the pain is there no more, and I am now happily wearing my ring again.

This personal experience has clearly demonstrated the anointing of God’s healing power upon us as we allow the Holy Spirit to lead us. On the whole, the three-day sharing from Rev. Chad has developed a clear understanding of the healing anointing which is the life of God, and how we can yield to it to bring healing to other people.

I wish to thank SKYLINE for inviting Rev. Chad Gonzales to share with us his powerful teaching and meaningful experience in the healing ministry.

Let’s continue to stay blessed and praise the Lord for His Glory.