Faith Story by Mei Yong

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I’m a pharmacist, working in a district hospital, entering 4th year in service.

Upon completion of registration training in 2017, I was posted to a district hospital. For a fresh junior pharmacist to be in charge of the inventory control and purchases of the entire hospital, I always thought myself to be under qualified. Am I there just because they have no one else to choose from ?

I have absolutely no experience on inventory control, accounting, and budgeting. It was a very steep learning curve. Thus, during 40 days prayer and fast of that year, I asked God to take me out from my difficult position. God didn’t answer the way I wanted Him to. Instead, He sent wise counsel, good and experienced staff to guide me. In 2017, my hospital’s Logistics pharmacy unit was awarded the Best Performing Logistics Pharmacy in the State region.

Moving to 2018, it was one of the most hectic years recorded within the Logistic Pharmacy in the whole of Malaysia, regarding the purchasing system and resources. Again, I prayed to God to bring me away from this unit during that 40 days prayer and fast. He didn’t bring me out from that department. Instead, He blessed me with supernatural favour with different authorities, suppliers, and hospitals. Contracts which normally requires months to be approved, God shortened to few weeks. Occasionally I will receive random messages from other hospitals that they would like to share some resources with my hospital, free of charge. Once again, He showed up and showed off that we are able to thrive through that year. In mid of 2019, I was awarded with the Excellence in Service Award by Ministry of Health for the year of 2018.

No matter where you are placed, the turbulence, and the struggles that you are going through remember there’s a season for everything. If God placed you there and He allows it, He will definitely give you something that you can handle and He WILL bring you through it. All glory to God!