Faith Story by Michael Lee

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Hi everyone, I’m Michael Lee

First thing of all, I really want to thank God for the recent miracles that He has done for my family.

My background is that I am not from a Christian family. I came to know and accept Lord Jesus in the year 2001, that was 19 yrs ago. I’m the only Christian in my family all these years.

Since the early days, I had been praying for my family especially my grandparents to open up their hearts for the salvation and in hope that one day they will accept Jesus too.

Months and years had passed by, it seems nothing happen. I tried numerous ways to tell them about Jesus but to no avail.

I kept praying for the last 15-16yrs, often times I had doubted whether they will be saved or not. To be honest, I was almost at the brink of giving up. I remembered 2 years ago during the 40days prayer and fasting, I put down a prayer request into the prayer bowl about my family’s salvation. I did the same last year. Little did I know that God’s miracles for my family would come, and in such an unexpected way.

About a month ago, my grandma was admitted to a hospital in SDK due to a life-threatening health matter. But during this time, God was on the move.

Like a divine appointment my Connect Group Leaders were also visiting SDK that time. I brought them to meet my mum to be prayed over, and she accepted the Lord Jesus! She started to pray for her mum too (that’s my grandma).

SDK hospital was unable to do the operation for my grandma. So she was transferred to to Queen Elizabeth Hospital 1 in KK for further treatment.

In my mind I thought she might not be able to survive. Nevertheless, my wife and I kept praying, also requesting prayers from friends and CGs members.

During her time in QE1 I visited her on a daily basis. One afternoon, I brought Ps. Elizabeth along. And that was the kairos moment. Ps. Elizabeth talked about Jesus, about healing and miracles; as long as we believe, healing will take place.

I was so amazed. My grandma accepted the Lord without any hesitation, and prayed the sinner’s prayer. At that moment, I felt so thankful that, finally, after so many years of praying, this has come to fruition.

Little did I know that in such a short span of time, my mum and grandma would both accept the Lord!

Since early August, my grandma’s condition is no longer life threatening and she has been transferred back to SDK. At the moment she still a little weak, but her health is gradually recovering. That’s yet another miracle that has happened, and healing takes place in her body!

This is really such a tremendous change to my family. I’m still praying for my grandpa as he still has not yet accepted the Lord. But seeing what God has done is a huge encouragement for me to continue to pray and to share Christ with him.

Nothing is impossible to God as long as we continue to believe that God is on the move.