Faith Story by Victor Ho

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I am Victor Ho. I want to share a short testimony how GOD healed my Bile Duct Blockage.

In April, during MCO period. All of a sudden I lost 3 kgs of weight. My wife and l were worried and concerned.

Things got worst. One day I woke up, my stool was pale white and my urine was dark yellow.I waited for 3 days to see if the condition would change, but it didn’t.

Immediately, I went to see a doctor.Multiple blood tests and ultra sounds were done, but no solid answers what caused my sickness. The doctor advised me to do a CT Scan. Some nodes and a blur image were found at the very end of the bile duct. By that time, I lost another 3 kgs of weight and the body colour had turned a bit yellowish.

Then I did an Endoscopic Procedure (ERCP) and an MRI. Thank GOD. After the procedure, the bile duct is cleared and the bile is flowing smoothly. And the MRI result shows a benign growth.

My latest blood test on 13 August shows that 4 of the liver enzymes which previously shot up over a 1000 % each had also come down to the normal range. Cancer marker also shows that my organs such as liver, pancreas and gall badder are normal and cancerless.

I thank God for HIS healing.

Now my appetite is back, body color is back to normal and energy level is also back to normal. Praise GOD.

During this period, I prayed and claimed HIS promises daily.

In Exodus 15:26.. I am the Lord that heals you

In Isaiah 53:5.. By his wounds I am healed

In Jeremiah 17:14.. Heal me lord and I will be healed.

Thank GOD. I am healed NOW.