Faith Story by Catherine Chong

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Healing by Faith

I was suffering from a sore throat on Sunday. It got worse on Monday, and by Tuesday morning, it was very bad. I was preparing to consult the doctor on Tuesday morning after my personal devotion time.

Tuesday was my birthday. So I spent more time with the Lord. During that time, the Spirit suddenly prompted me to pray and claim by faith healing on the sore throat. So I lay my hand on the area of my throat that was painful and a bit swollen, and I claimed healing by faith. Even though the pain is still there after praying, I told my husband Antrick that by faith, I would receive my healing.

Later that afternoon, it was still painful. But by evening, almost all the pain is gone. God healed me completely so that I was able to enjoy the love feast prepared by our beloved Connect Group members.

Praise the Lord. All glory to Jesus!