Faith Story by Ethan Lau

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Just slightly before MCO was lifted, I was told of the effects of MCO towards my workplace. In that situation, it was unavoidable that we had to go on unpaid leave for one and a half months. With the commitments that I had here and to my family back home in Sarawak, it seemed like the best decision was to go back home and start again as my personal savings was definitely not going to be enough for all those commitments.

But I decided to pray and seek God despite knowing that it is impossible to go through nearly two months staying here. As I prayed, God was clear that I should stay on at my workplace, but I couldn’t understand how that was possible with the very little that I had. so I was very reluctant.

Finally, the day came where I had to make my decision. I decided to just trust God, so I agreed to take the unpaid leave while thinking it would impossible.

After making the decision, God has opened my eyes with the impossible; from automatic deferment of my car loan, to decrement in my house rental as well as little job opportunities to help tie loose ends. He even sent people who blessed me, such as my boss despite what my workplace is going through. Now, I am glad that I sought after God and did not lean into my own understanding of the situation.

It is truly amazing to see what I thought was impossible to be broken down and laid in front of me as if it was just a small step. This has brought me closer to God. I hope that this would encourage you to not look at how big that mountain is but look at how much bigger our God is beyond that mountain.