Faith Story by Frank Koh

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Two years ago I was at a crossroad. I was torn between trying to progress in my career of nine years in the construction line, or pursuing growth and a career in another company, or another industry. I had tried to apply for several openings, but each time the result came back negative despite my best efforts during the interviews. I even spoke to many influential people as well as my spiritual mentor to try to decide the path that I should take in order to progress. We prayed to God, and like any prayer, not all are answered instantly. Nevertheless, I did not give up. For the last two years of Dawn Prayer, I put my prayer request into the prayer bowl.

Then Anniversary Gift Day came round last year. Without prior knowing how God would bless me financially, nor what the future would hold for me, I pledged and sowed, and left the rest to God. As time went by, sowing and praying had been done, but nothing changed. However, I remembered the scripture said that we shall “walk by faith, and not by sight”. So, I kept my composure and faith, and continued to sow and pray, knowing that God would bless in His time, and that His answer is always “Yes” and “Amen”.

In January this year, God answered in a miraculous way. Not only did God increase my capacity of faith and wisdom, He even brought about a 360 degree change of career. I went into the agriculture line – something I had never considered, and the rest is history. I was landed a job in one of the biggest private companies in the world.

The next best part concerns my probation. Usually, every new job requires a probation period lasting six months. My six months’ probation was during the Movement Controlled Order caused by the Covid-19 virus. During the MCO, many people were laid off and lost their jobs. Also, many companies practise last in, first out when they choose who to lay off and who to retain. Amazingly, despite the challenges the company and indeed, the world, is facing, I received confirmation of my new job one month earlier than expected! This can only be God! All glory and praise to the Lord with all my soul. Amen.