Faith Story by Jasmine Leong

Skylinesib   -  

When MCO hit and everyone was getting pay cuts, we decided to keep full pay as long as we could for all our staff. It is only by God’s grace that we were able to do so! He continues to provide and as Rev Chad said during Rhema Fest, whatever we focus on, becomes our reality.

During this time the Lord also gave me new creative business ideas, and has opened up new opportunities I never even considered prior to MCO! Only God! He truly is our provider and when we fully trust in Him and lean not on our own understanding, He comes through time and time again – the lyrics to the worship song ‘our miracle worker, our promise keeper, our way maker’ has never rung truer.

I’ve also realised during this MCO that whilst yes, He does provide, and He will always come through, we still need to ‘walk through’ the valley of the shadow of death: to grow, to mature and to continue renewing our minds into His likeness. Praise God! We’re not out of the woods yet by far but with God leading and our focus on Him, we will always overcome and win.