Faith Story by Juliana Lu Ansis

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Around early September, Greg and I had challenges in purchasing air conditioning units for our new house. We had planned to get only a maximum of three units due to our budget, but the contractor had drilled a big hole in every one of the six rooms. If we didn’t install all six, every room would have a wall with a big hole! We had many thoughts about how to close the holes temporarily, but nothing seemed to be likely to turn out nice.

On the 6th of September, Ps Philip preached about the pouring of oil. During that sermon, I sensed that God wanted me to give a specific amount for Faith Promise Day – an amount which was double of what I had intended to give. Deep down inside, I was thought about all the new furniture I could purchase with that amount. I hoped that I could ignore it, but I didn’t have the peace to do so! Come Faith Promise Day, I obeyed, and I put in the said amount.

On the 17th of September, I felt a nudge in my spirit to contact a dear friend who is in the aircondition business. Told her that I was looking to purchase three units to begin with, and another three more units later. She came back with a quote. To my surprise, she offered all six units at cost price! The total amount was still within our budget, so we purchased all six units! God is so good!