Faith Story by Matthew Chong

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On the 29th of February 2020, a girl with a very ill condition came to see me. She had very poor heart function and an abnormal heartbeat. The outcome was not optimistic. While treating her in ICU, I prayed with her family. We prayed that God will heal her.

At the end of 48 hours, known as the Golden Hour of resuscitation, her condition had not improved. I had to speak to her parents again. It was a long discussion, and a tiring night.

The next was CP6 (Church in Prayer at 6am). I felt as if there was a strong force to wake up that morning, and I prayed for her. I even wrote down my prayer request and dropped it into the prayer bowl – something I would seldom do.

I sent my kids to school after morning prayer. Then I went back to the hospital at around 8am. I was surprised to see on the monitor that her heartbeat was normal! My nurse told me that it happened around 6.30am. Praise to the Lord!

She is now at home with her parents. True, her body function is not fully recovered. But I believe that if God can heal her heart, God can heal her completely. Amen!