Faith Story by Alice Sim

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We have experienced so much this year 2020! Not just the pandemic being the new norm, but within our own little family too. We experienced the joy of our third child who was born in April. We also experienced the grief of saying goodbye to our parents (my in-laws). All the while, we struggled to keep up with online classwork for the older children. Nevertheless, we are thankful that the family of God stood by us during those difficult moments.

Following the departure of my parents-in-law, there were times when my son Raphael would say that he has fear. All kinds of fears -fear that we, his parents would grow old and go back heaven soon, fear of sleeping. He even had unknown reasons being afraid after school. We would pray over him using Psalm 91 & Joshua 1:9, and encouraged him to copy Bible verses.

One day he received a gift from Ps Elizabeth – a children’s book and a bookmark. He started copying the Bible verses from there, and recited them faithfully. He kept claiming God’s word into his life. He also began to pray boldly for strength and protection over himself and our family.

Praise God, this morning he even asked to be baptised with his baby sister Christabel and older sister Adiel. We are very thankful for Pastor Elizabeth and the covering of the Holy Spirit. We are also thankful to God for the Family of Christ who love and support us in time of need.