Faith Story by Juliana Lu Ansis

Skylinesib   -  


During the building of my miracle house, we had two sets of workers. We had problems with the first group, so they had to be changed. One day, one of the workers from the earlier group who used to stay on site came back in the very early hours of the morning. Workers from the second group found that he had placed a plastic bag containing rice, egg and a coin. Even though I didn’t know what it signified, I knew it was not godly. So I took it and burnt it.


The second set of workers also stayed at the place. Many of them, and often at night would hear a tok tok tok sound. It sounded like a man walking with a stick around the house they were staying. They did not let us know this until after my house was almost completed. Then the two workers left to do touching up and plumbing told us that they were too scared to stay in – they chose to commute to the site instead. With no one on site, it meant that my husband and I had to check the place nightly.

When we went, we didn’t hear this knocking sound, but we noticed a bird always seated at the entrance to house.

Some people don’t like this –  they believe that it symbolises a bad spirit dwelling in the area in a form of a bird. While I didn’t believe it, it was a little disturbing. What bird sits there throughout the night, in the same spot and not move?

That was until we had a time of prayer, praise, and blessing at the house, with a few members from the church. Since then, and until now, the bird is not there anymore!


We adopted a cat. It had been abandoned by a previous tenant of a nearby hut. We carried it over to the new house a few times. But each time, it will quickly run back to its old house. The way it ran, it looked scared. Today, however, Miaw (its new name) walked in happily to the new house by itself!

Something was definitely not right, but now it is cleared! 🙌