Faith Story by Joan Lu

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My son wanted to be an entrepreneur – he wanted to start a business of his own. So he did research about the kind of business he wanted to get into and even attended some seminars.

After a while, he told us that he was beginning to realise it was not as easy as he had thought. Not only did it involve a big sum of money for an initial investment, but also required character qualities in him such as resilience, fortitude, determination, sacrifices, effort and more. He was beginning to doubt himself. If it did not turn out well, it would cost him a lot of money.

My husband and I prayed for him. Days became weeks, weeks became months. When 2019 came, we advised him to go look for a job, and he agreed to try. But then suddenly lock down happened and there arose the problem of getting jobs. I told him, “Nothing is impossible with God”.

Meanwhile I prayed to God, “Lord, show to him who You are, that You are more than able. If he gets a job, this time, it has to be from You.” I decided to go one step further and detailed what I wanted as well. I said, “Lord, bless him with a wonderful mentor, and also wonderful and helpful colleagues; even better if they are Christians.” Then I added, “Let it be a good paying job”. At the CP8 (Church in Prayer at 8pm), I even put my request down into the virtual bowl.

To cut the story short, very soon after, someone contacted my son!

This guy found my son’s name in the Melbourne University Alumni and invited him out for a chat. He was quite impressed with my son, and a few weeks later, he told my son that he was going to help him get a job in his company. Actually, there had been an opening, but it was already closed as they had found someone to fill it. But this guy wanted my son! So shortly after, my son was called up for an interview by the Human Resource department head. Then very quickly after that, he was interviewed by the boss from the States (because this is an American research company). Before long, my son got the job and this guy became his mentor. And what a wonderful mentor. He is really helpful, he looks out for my son. The pay is not bad and there are the perks.

I told my son, “To get a job during this time, it has to be the hands of God. God moves for you. So, you must remember this and not doubt him”

Praise the Lord!