Faith Story by Amy Ng

Skylinesib   -  

I came to know about Skyline through Senior Pastor Philip Lyn who impacted my life fifteen years ago. He introduced me to the Shining Star Connect Group, and even though I am not based in Kota Kinabalu, I joined in February 2021.

During the Easter outreach month, I participated intentionally by inviting friends to join the Alpha Class organised by Pastor Helga. Over dinner one day with one of these friends, my husband and I answered her questions about Christianity. At the end of the dinner, she prayed to accept Jesus as Lord. Praise the Lord.

The Lord has blessed my family so much since our salvation eighteen years ago. So it has been my heart’s desire to share the joy, peace and love of Jesus Christ to my pre-believing friends and relatives.

One such person is a successful client-turned-friend for more than ten years. She is a woman with strong character; one would describe her as a hard-knock person.  Whenever I have tried to share Jesus to her, she would say that she will only receive Jesus when Jesus shows Himself to her. Three years ago, I heard about the downfall of her business. She had to work many odd jobs to survive and to pay her debts. I continued to reach out by showing her the love of Jesus by giving her jobs to do as she works for Grab. Whenever she came over, I would cook lunch for her, pray for her, and at times I even blessed her financially. On her birthday I brought her for two birthday celebrations, and listened to her pain and troubles.

Sharing the love of Jesus, is not a Touch n Go thing. We have to be so patient, persistent, and have endurance in showing the love of Jesus Christ.

Last month, during the EMCO time, when covid cases keep increasing sky high in Selangor and businesses were slow, I offered her a service. When she came to my house to pick up some goods, I invited her into my house, and cooked her lunch as usual. Together with my husband, we shared our personal walk and testimonies with Jesus, how Jesus has blessed my family, and how Jesus is going to bless and help her. After sharing, she agreed to accept Jesus. Hallelujah.

All Glory to our God Almighty.