Faith Story by Jeannie Chin

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The pandemic, for me, has been a tough journey, but also one with amazing blessings.

In mid-2019 I loaned some cash to my brother. A couple of months later, when he wanted to pay me back, I decided to ask him to build a small house in his farm for me instead. I didn’t need the house – there is more than enough room in the farm for me to stay whenever I want to. But come March 2020, the infamous lockdown happened! So instead of being locked down alone in Kota Kinabalu, God prepared for me my little sanctuary, surrounded with family members. Best of all, I had free food for those three months! Praise God!

The journey continues. I had a retail shop at the Magellan Hotel, Sutera Harbour, where my business was 90% dealing with tourists. In September 2019, I renegotiated and renewed my contract for another two years. However, a couple of months later, as I was having coffee with my niece, I told her I was going to close my shop down. Her response was, “You just renewed your contract. Why so fast you want to close?” I told her I didn’t know, but thought it was time. In February 2020, I felt the urgency to act. I handed in two months’ notice, spoke with my staff, retained one staff, and moved all the stock to my store. I believe it was God’s mercy and grace leading me, resulting in huge savings during a zero-income period. I am so thankful!

You would think that that was all. How many times can God take care of you in one pandemic? So many people need Him too during this time. Ephesians 3:20 – “He can do exceedingly, abundantly above all that we ask or think …. He is the God of overflow.”

On 28th June 2020, there was a heavy downpour in Kota Kinabalu and my store was one of the many places flooded. I went to assess the situation and some of my former staff came to help clear and clean. As they brought out the items, I listed down all the damaged stock. Then I realized – most of the damaged goods were slow-moving items; items that you do not mind losing, or things that are not really selling. During the move, my staff had arranged the store such that all the old and slow-moving items were on the floor and lower shelves! God is good. His mercy endures forever!

My claims to the insurance company came into my bank account without much hassle. All my company expenses thus far are covered by this claim, and I believe that there will be enough until this drought is over. Coincidence? I don’t think so! Beyond grateful, I am amazed at God’s goodness and provision.

More of my journey. Last year, during our 40-days dawn prayer, an item in the prayer bowl was that not only my daughter would be safe, but that her job would be safe too. She lives in the United States where millions have been infected with the Covid virus. God has protected her, kept her safe, and she got her vaccine very early during the vaccine roll out! She works for British Airways. Like other airlines in one of the badly affected industries during this pandemic, BA laid-off and retrenched thousands of staff. Her division was reduced by 2/3. But praise God – my daughter not only kept her job; she even got a promotion in the restructuring exercise! Glory to God!

God prepared, God provided, and God protected my family and I!
I hope my journey in this pandemic has encouraged you. I continue to hang on to God. He will bless and give that miracle needed for this season and time.

Romans 12:12 Rejoicing in hope, patient in tribulation and persistent in prayer!