Faith Story by Jolin Ng

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Hello, my name is Jolin and this is my testimony about facing anxiety as a student in this norm of online schooling.

This year is my first year in university. Like most during this time, I have to attend classes online. But over in Australia where my university is, they can attend class in person as they rarely have any covid cases.

As usual before the start of semester, there is a welcoming week called the orientation week where we get key information such as how to access the website, where to get lecture notes, when examinations are held, and so on. In addition to that, those on campus also had fun activities to meet new friends and ever tour the state.

Alas for us offshore students, we don’t get to do all that. All we had for our orientation was a brief online zoom meeting during which we received incomplete information. I felt that the university did not do well enough preparation for us online students, but I could not blame them – everyone is just trying to cope with the situation.

With this lack in support and information given, us online students felt very lost. We had to figure things out by ourselves by making friends and asking students from previous years. Knowing that school has started, but I still do not know how to access classes, or where to find textbooks, let alone how to get to examinations, made me very anxious.

But in the midst of this, I have been praying. I was reminded to pray for peace during one of our youth sessions when we covered the topic of the Fruit of the Spirit. By the grace of God, I became more peaceful about the situation. My mindset changed from “I have a cluster of unfinished work” to “Okay, I’ve got this sorted today, what next?”

You might ask me “Do you know what’s going on now?” I can confidently tell you, “No!” I still don’t know how to get to exams… (which I hope should be sorted out soon!) The difference is that I am more peaceful now. I know that God has His plans for me and that He will help me to get through all that is in front of me! Amen!

Like me, there are also many students who are having classes online and some are going through much more – anxiety, depression, and some are even on the edge of giving up. Please pray for students and encourage them in this uncertain times! Thank you!