Faith Story by Joseph Koh

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I was positive but I am positive with God.

We had sore throat and nose congestion. Think that we were just having the common cold, we went to a clinic. There the doctor told us if the symptoms did not subsided after three days, we may need to do a swab for Covid-19 test. Two days after that, our instincts told us that something might not be right, so we went for another consultation. That was when my wife and I tested positive, but our two daughters and maid were tested negative. I couldn’t believe it. We had been very cautious – wore double layer mask, sanitizing our hands every few minutes. But somehow still, we contracted the Covid-19 virus; possibly when we went out for groceries.

During the first night of quarantine at home, I woke up around 4.00am. I couldn’t go back to sleep, rolled on the bed and had lot of thoughts in my mind. Thoughts like, “What to do?” ”What to plan?” “What about my kids?” “What would happen if…” My mind was stuffed with fears, worries, and doubts. I was “led” by God to pray.

I was led to pray that for the next ten days, my focus shall be onto the Lord. Not the virus, nor its effect and symptoms, or the fear it caused. But God. This journey would be a journey that would glorify God, not the Covid-19 Virus. I was prompted to trust and believe and declare that God is the master of the universe, and that the virus shall succumb before Him. If God can heal the impossible-to-heal, like blind eyes, the paralyzed, then surely, it will be easier for God to heal us by commanding the virus to stop its virulence and to leave our bodies. I was also led to pray that our bodies are the temple of God, and as such, the virus cannot rule over our bodies; it is has no place, no share in our bodies, and it cannot conquer what belongs to God.

God also showed me that He has formed three individual shields over my two daughters and my maid for protection. They were like blue hologram tent-like shields. I will choose to believe that God is good; His mercy be upon us, and His grace overflow in this situation.

Later that morning during the dawn prayer at 6am, Elder Sylvester started the session with a worship video of a song led by me. The title of the song was “But God”! I cried like a baby – God is listening to my prayer. He has answered my prayer. He gives peace and comfort, and He is faithful. He watches over us!