Faith Story by Esther Tan

Skylinesib   -  

This is my team.

In the midst of the pandemic when companies are letting people go, we expanded our team with a new dotor, Dr Brandon, 3 months ago.

Then, last month, I received a sudden notification that my associate doctor was covid positive. We halted all operations, and started self-quarantine. My throat started to feel dry, and my staff got fever upon hearing this news. Our minds kept thinking about the times we were in close contact with him.

Thankfully, I learnt from a friend to turn worries into prayers so I added this into my prayer list and prayed for protection for myself and my staff. And praise God for his protection! Somehow, despite being exposed to the same patients and being close contact with him, all the rest of my staff and I were covid negative! We all completed our quarantine and returned to work after.

As our group got bigger, we needed more assistants. So at around our 20th Day of Dawn Prayer, I prayed for an assistant, listing specific criteria on my list. Many came for interview but, one by one, each fell out. Except for one, whom initially, I didn’t have high hopes for. Little did I know that this person fulfilled the exact criteria I prayed for, and is still with me today.

God worked His miracles even through this short time of 40 days prayers. All glory to our mighty God for being a protector and provider, both financially and resourcefully! So whatever you need, prayerfully surrender it to God! Because He wants to answer our prayer in His time.