Faith Story by Ethan Lau

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Last year God has provided for my family and I as we went through the loss of income. It’s been a year since then but my family still has yet to get back our source of income, so it has been the responsibility of my siblings and I to do what we can to help out.

For the past year, I decided to be grateful for God’s provision (having a full salary with no pay cuts and other provisions) instead of praying for more provision.

Two weeks ago, when I spoke to my parents, I found out that my mother had been skipping her diabetic medications and supplements just to help the family. That broke my heart. Nevertheless I still chose to continue to be grateful and thank God for keeping her safe and healthy.

A few days after that, I received confirmation for a promotion which included an increment. I never expected a promotion in a time of a pandemic was possible. On the Sunday that week, Ps Philip’s sermon on ‘gratitude’ convinced me even more that it was from God as a result of gratitude. It resonated with me the most to hear that gratitude draws God’s special attention, and it draws God’s extra blessing – that summarised all that has happened for me. Even when we don’t ask God for it, God knows the desires of our hearts and our needs.