Faith Story by Isaac Cook

Skylinesib   -  

I am Isaac, and I live in Indiana, USA. My girlfriend worships at Skyline and encouraged me to join the dawn prayer.

1st September:

There were a lot of great testimonies about what happens when we cast all of our anxieties on Him. This is a theme in the lives of my girlfriend and I at the moment. In fact, I had been praying the same things over her! That we would lay all our worries on the Lord and that He would take care of them. On top of that, as I was listening, someone read a verse that she and I had brought up a few times in the past couple months during our devotion times. I was struck that there are no coincidences with God – it was perfect timing for me to be at dawn prayer for the first time that day! I wouldn’t have been in the zoom prayer time if she hadn’t encouraged me to join because at that hour, I’d at work.

2nd September:

As I was listening along today, there were great reminders of how God is our Father. This reminded me of the story of kids preparing for a trip. When asked where they were going, what they were going to eat on the way, or how they were going to get there, the kids didn’t know the answers. But when asked who they’re going with, they say without hesitation, “Mommy and Daddy!” They fear and question nothing because what they DO know is that they are going with their parents.

I was really struck by the image of God as our Father in the literal sense. He rocks us in his arms. He adores us. He cares for every detail and just wants us to be His. Wherever we go, we go with Him. So what have we to fear?