Faith Story by Maryann Yeo

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I want to share my testimony and give Glory to God! God healed and delivered me from the attacks of darkness!

I had been having weird dreams; dreams that I could not remember, but at times, when I woke up, I would immediately feel weak in my spirit, my body, and my soul. I would have headaches, and feel like vomit when I start my morning prayer altar.

I joined the second day of the Anti-Gravity Conference. Pastor Julius Suubi, who was led by the Holy Spirit, said “I feel in my spirit , to pray for a lady called Mary. Mary, you have been afflicted by the power of darkness that have been attacking you while you were sleeping. I pluck those power of darkness from your life! In the mighty name of Jesus!”

I knew it was me! I immediately felt something very strong leave from my body, from literally the centre of my chest.

Now I can sleep like a baby – no more weird dreams.

Thank You Jesus! Thank You God’s armies!