Faith Story by Antrick Cheong

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On the 7th of January, 2022 our company held our annual dinner at a hotel in Tanjung Aru and I was appointed as the person in charge of this event. Halfway through our dinner celebration, my colleague came over and informed me that she needed to leave immediate as she had just received an emergency call from home and that her young daughter who was around 8 months old was admitted to Hospital Likas.

Since it was late at night and the carpark was a distance away, I volunteered to walk her to the carpark. When we were halfway there, I suddenly had a strong urge prompting me to pray for her. I asked for permission to pray for her and her daughter and she agreed. The music then was so loud that I practically had to shout so that I could be heard.

The next day, I texted her to ask how she is and of her daughter’s condition. Below is the extract of our conversation:

Me : Hi, how is your daughter?
My Colleague : Hi Cheong, she struggled quite a bit last night. But don’t worry, she is in better condition
now. Just monitoring her.
Me : Amen.
My Colleague : Thanks for your powerful prayer last night. It truly strengthen my faith in Him. And baby
recovered faster too. Amen.
Me : Thank God, not me. He is the healer. Amen.
My Colleague : He truly is, so blessed to have you around.
Me : Take care. God bless. Have a blessed weekend.
My Colleague : Thanks, likewise. Continue to inspire, Cheong.

We do not need to be “perfect” in order to pray for others. Just like Abraham in Genesis 20:17, he prayed for wombs to open in Abimelech’s household, and at that time Isaac was not even born yet. Likewise even though you are not feeling well, you can pray for the sick; even if you are in lack, you can pray for those who are in debt.

It is not a question of whether God can use us but whether we are willing to be used by God and would surrender ourselves unto HIM? God can bypass Abraham and heal Abimelech’s household, and God wants us to partner with Him so that we can be a channel of blessing.

God could have dedicated the job of spreading the gospel to angels, but we are given the unique privilege to share the gospel so that God can set us up to bless us. All glory to Jesus.