Faith Story by Elizabeth Chen

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During my first bout of Covid-19, my sense of smell and taste was affected. It took about a month before I could enjoy a cup of coffee.

The second time I contracted Covid-19 was less than two weeks days before the Limit-Less Conference. This time, within days, I lost my smell and taste again. The cup of coffee I made before Session 2 tasted like plain water. I couldn’t drink it because it was too hot so I left it, intending to go back to finish it later.

The word released in Session 2 was faith-building, practical, and relevant. During ministry time, those with specific conditions were asked to go forward e.g. painful shoulders, long Covid. I was only days post-quarantine so I went forward too. It was such joy to worship the Lord together at the front!

During the break after Session 2, I picked up some refreshments. As I bit into them, I praised the Lord! Not only could I taste each bite; I could taste various ingredients! Eagerly, I picked up my cup of leftover coffee. As soon as I lifted the lid of the cup, the aroma of caffeine reached my nostrils! I could taste and smell again! Hallelujah! God heals yet again! Glory to God! I am so happy that God has healed and restored my palate so quickly! Now to make sure I don’t over-enjoy food and put back weight that was lost earlier. Haha!


Elizabeth Chen