Faith Story by Esther Tan

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I contracted covid a week before the conference. Even after testing negative, I felt ever so tired, breathless, and had flu-like symptoms.

I got my first healing during the healing ministry when Ps Philip called out for people who had contracted covid, and now had breathing problems. I received Pastor’s words by faith, and started to feel the mucus in my throat and lungs start to clump together and reduce. After a few moments, I realised the flu symptoms were gone completely! I no more sounded nasally, and could breathe through my nose properly! And it has remained clear up till today.

My second miracle came during the healing ministry led by Rev Raymond. Initially, in the morning, I could not even sing whole heartedly to worship as I was short of breath, and lethargic. Preparing to lead worship was a challenge when I could not even catch a breath properly – what more to sing. My turning point came right after being prayed for. I felt the tightness in my breathing released, and I was less tired instantly. And I could take deep breaths! From lethargy on Saturday night, to dancing to our worship songs energetically on Sunday morning, and being able to sing full heartedly to worship God was a miracle to me! Praise God for this conference! God truly is limitless!


Esther Tan