Faith Story by Frederic Ratnasamy

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On the 30th July 2022, my wife and I were infected with Covid-19. Since I’m a renal transplant patient, I was immediately put into isolation ward at Queen Elizabeth Hospital for close monitoring while my wife was ask to do home quarantine. I was quickly treated with an anti-viral medicines. The treatment lasted for 5 days until I recovered and my swab test was negative.

But then my renal function was found to be deteriorating and became a major concern. I got scared and worried and the specialist continue to keep me in ward for further treatment and investigations. At the same time, I had been scheduled to lead one of the 40D dawn prayer sessions at Skyline SIB – the one on the 11th August

As each day went by, I kept receiving bad reports from the doctors in the ward. I chose not believe those reports, but decided to continue to put my trust and faith in God. I believed there would be a breakthrough for me, and that I would be able to lead prayer on 11th August. The enemy uses doubt, but we have the shield of faith! By faith, I surrendered everything to him, knowing that faith and patience inherit the promises of God. (Hebrews 6:12). Keep praising God! Keep lifting the name of Jesus in every circumstances and situation. Every wall will brought down and be broken. 

Finally, on the 11th August 2022, at 6am, I was leading the prayer time with my team at Skyline’s 40-days dawn prayer! I could share this testimony. Hallelujah! All Glory to God! Breakthrough is coming. Have faith!


Frederic Ratnasamy