Faith Story by Irish Gay Bulfa

Skylinesib   -  

I have been struggling anxiety and fear for the past seven months. I struggled every day because I felt strange feelings in my body. I was not able to sleep and a doctor prescribed calming pills and an anti-stress pills for me. I took them for two months but was afraid to be dependent to drugs. I cried often to the Lord to heal me but I still sometimes felt overwhelmed with doubts and fears. I didn’t know how to stand.

That is, until the Limitless Conference. I attended every session, hoping that I will be healed. On the last night of the conference, before leaving home to attend it, I cried to the Lord, desperately needing to be healed. I said “I want to be healed Lord. I want something tonight. If it requires Faith then work in my unbelief Lord, help me to believe because I don’t know if I have the doubt or the enemy keep on injecting negative things in my mind”. I said, “Please Lord”.

Then Rev. Raymond Mooi shared about the sick man in the bed and how Jesus asked “Do you want to be healed?” I was crying in my seat, and I said “Yes, Lord, I want to be healed.” Then Rev. Mooi called for the last healing prayer item – it was about having insomnia, and struggling to sleep. I stood up and had the feeling of excitement and joy, knowing God had heard my cry. I said to myself, “This is it!” I just felt the joy after the prayer. That evening I was able to sleep from 11.30pm until 4:30am and I woke feeling so fresh! I give all glory and honour and power to our Almighty God for hearing my needs. Thank you Lord Jesus!


Irish Gay Bulfa