Faith Story by Charles Michael Albert

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During the dawn prayer 2019, I constantly prayed to get a scholarship for my Master’s degree and an opportunity to pursue a PhD in the future. Praise God, I got the scholarship for my Masters and recently finished my studies a few months ago. Everything happened in His time, and it was beautiful. Praise the Lord. I completed my studies because God is with me all the time, throughout the seasons.

During the final semester of my studies, while completing my thesis, my supervisor encouraged me to pursue a PhD. I told him, “Yes, that is my aim. But I need to find financial assistance, or it won’t be easy because tuition fees at this level are not cheap.”

Furthermore, getting a scholarship is difficult nowadays unless you have a stellar academic record. On top of that, I also need to compete with all the other applicants.

In the end, I applied for an international scholarship. One of the main requirements was to attach the official PhD offer letter. I didn’t have this because I was still a Masters student at that time of my application. Nevertheless, I proceeded to apply for it in faith – God has moved the mountains before, and I believe He would do it again. The result would be announced three months later, in December 2021. Specifically, one day before Christmas.

The day finally came. I woke up earlier than usual. I opened the website and immediately went to the scholarship awardee list. As I scrolled down, I saw my name there. Charles Michael Albert, Sabah, Malaysia. I was one of the 18 awardees from around the globe! I am so grateful. God is so good. I don’t need to worry about tuition fees anymore.

At present, I have already enrolled as a PhD student at the UMS. Recently, our research grant was approved by the Ministry of Higher Education. So, no more financial issues – I even have a monthly allowance!

I truly believe that God will always be with me, as He said in His promises. As in Proverbs 23:18 says:
”There is surely a future hope for you,  and your hope will not be cut off.”

To all my beloved Skyliners, whether you are the next generation, or even the boomers or millennials, have faith. Our future is full of hope. Because God is with us. He will provide sufficiently. Amen.

Charles Michael Albert