Faith Story by Maxeldrey Yih

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It had been a tiring week, starting with Faith Promise Day where I had headed the livestream set up. It was immediately followed by a week-long inter-church intercessor leaders’ training where I had to host and record all the sessions. At the end of the week, as I helped to pack up Camera number 4 after the Sunday service, I realised that I had left the Secure Digital (SD) card pouch into the office. So I decided to keep the SD card in the pocket of my pants. Normally, if I do anything like that, I would take the equipment home and make sure I bring it back to work the next day – I’d be extra careful with it. But I forgot that I had decided to give myself five days of holiday to recalibrate and reassess my mind and heart at home… though I still planned to attend Dawn Prayer for the remaining five days. So, after packing up everything, I went to lunch with my Connect Group at a nearby restaurant, and then went home and slept until Monday. By this time, I’d completely forgotten about the SD card…

After Dawn Prayer on Monday, Pearlyn who helps to transfer all the data from the Cameras’ SD cards noticed that Camera 4’s SD card was missing. When she asked me about it, I was confident that it was at home in the pants that I’d worn the day before. When I checked, it wasn’t there. Still feeling hopeful though a little worried, I thought maybe it could be in Church, on the Livestream Table. So I asked Pearlyn to help check. She couldn’t find it. Then panic started. Worst-case scenarios flooded into my already-tired brain. “What if it fell on the road? What if it fell on the floor of the restaurant?” I went to my car and searched even in the cracks of the car seats, but still it was not found. I texted David my producer about this, and I asked to give it another day. If it was still not found by then, I’d buy the replacement using my own money.

Skip to the next day, Tuesday. After dawn prayer, I quickly went and searched the entire media room. Alas it still could not be found. Then I went to the restaurant though it was closed at the time. I searched their carpark and their floors. Nothing! Sitting in my car, filled with hopelessness, I announced the Broadcast Team WhatsApp group that “The equipment has gone to be with the Lord”. I contacted the supplier for a quote, but they said they don’t supply this range of equipment anymore – they sold the small Expensive SD Card instead! I was not ready to hear that. I tried looking for the exact model on Lazada/ Shopee, but there was only a third party option available. While I was glad to find the third party product, it was still disappointing not able to find the exact replacement. I was about to proceed with the purchase of the expensive SD card but it didn’t feel right to go ahead. So I consulted David, who told me to wait until the following Monday.

Throughout the week I was terrified, often doubting. I keep wanting to override what David said. Yet I also felt peace at the same time. At that Tuesday Dawn Prayer I had written my little letter to God, praying for a miracle, or at the very least, provision for the situation. Fast forward a few days to Thursday. It is another dawn prayer morning, and I was serving at the visual station at the back. Midway through the Dawn Prayer, I was led to go to the livestream table to check the charger. And there it was – between the wet tissue box and the intercom system box! On that Thursday, the second last day of Dawn Prayer, I had found Cam 4’s SD card! I had to celebrate in silence as the prayer time was still ongoing! What joy to be able to listen and hear the Lord. When He says wait, you’d better wait; if not money will fly away!

God will speak to you even when you’re tired. I remember in our weekly staff devotion the week before, Aunty E had asked us which of the nine aspects of the fruit of the Spirit we felt we needed to improve. Unsure which to pick, I simply said “Patience”. Well, between staff devotions and this week, aside from almost losing the church’s equipment, I went through so much hardship that tested my patience! I was tired, and not well rested, and my level of patience was way low. Miscommunication happened, mishaps that led to not only my losing my patience, but also heartache. I found it hard to even take a very minor negative comment on my work, and I almost didn’t listen to my producer who told me to wait!

I really thank God that I can lean on Him to reset myself and to transform my mind-skin. I believe He is the artist that is still moulding and stretching me beyond my understanding! It’s always good to be rested in Him!

Maxeldrey Yih