Faith Story by Mei Goh

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It started out as a mild tummy ache early July 2022 that eventually progressed to stomach cramps. The worst I have ever had. Later that Thursday night, I started to notice copious amounts of blood in my stool.

All night, I was in much pain, cold sweat, and pure agony. Early Friday morning, my husband took me to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital 1 Emergency Department. There, he was not allowed to enter the emergency room, so I had to go in by myself.

I was ill, scared, and alone, in the emergency room.

By the grace of God, I was attended to within half an hour, and by Friday evening, I was admitted into the ward.

The Connect Group prayed for the doctors to have God’s wisdom and that I would be able to travel to Singapore on Wednesday to attend my youngest son’s graduation.

While admitted in the ward, I was strangely reminded of our family’s Mt Kinabalu climb experience years ago. At one point during that climb, I was left behind with the mountain guide, with no replenishments. Alone with my thoughts, drenched, miserable, and hungry, I struggled to make each single step up towards Laban Rata.

That was when I came to truly believe…. during certain times in life, certain journeys,  certain STRUGGLES … WE HAVE TO GO THROUGH ALONE. We then come to know – God IS there. He is faithful and true. Indeed, I was reminded to seek God’s presence. In particular, this chorus ministered to me.

In Christ alone, I place my trust

And find my glory in the power of the Cross

In every victory, let it be said of me

My source of strength, my source of hope is Christ alone

On Saturday afternoon, after the colonoscopy, I was informed that I might be hospitalized for up to a week. My heart sank. I prayed that whatever the doctors decided for me would be in God’s divine plan. I heard of so many diagnoses for the causes of the bleeding, and some were even fatal.

On Sunday, the pain subsided and the symptoms eased.

On Monday afternoon, I was discharged!

By Wednesday morning, I was on a flight to Singapore to attend my son’s graduation.
Praise the Lord!

All Glory to God.  I give thanks, for I am greatly blessed, highly favoured and deeply loved by God and his family at Skyline SIB and The Family Connect Group.

Mei Goh