As 2021 begins, many of us may be looking for a fresh start or perhaps a secondary stream of income. Skyline Jobs is here to help with just that. Find your next career opportunity or assist other Skyliners in finding employment!


If you are looking for a casual, part-time, or full-time job, all you need to do to see what is available is to click on the Skyline Jobs Group button below! Please note that this is exclusively for Skyliners and you will need a username and password for this group. If you are a Skyliner but don’t have log-in credentials, please click the Skyline Jobs Account Registration button below to get your account set up.


Whether you attend Skyline or not, we invite you to submit a job advertisement application! All you need to do is read the Terms & Conditions at the bottom of this page and then fill in and submit an application form by clicking on the button below!


1. All open job positions advertised on Skyline Jobs are reserved exclusively for Skyliners.

2. A Skyliner is defined as one who meets 2 criteria:

  • Attends Skyline online or on-site regularly for at least the past 6 months
  • Attends a Connect Group regularly.

3. Both Skyliners and non-Skyliners can submit an application to advertise their small start-up or business.

4. Any job can be advertised provided that it abides by the law. This can be casual, part time or full time work. 

5. Skyline reverses the right to accept or deny any application. 

6. Advertisers must give their full particulars and the contacts of their company or organisation.

7. Advertisers must include the job description, qualifications needed, salary range and contact details in their advertisement. A maximum of 100 words is allowed per advertisement.

8. Skyline will conduct a background check on the company/individual offering the job before approving the application. Once Skyline is satisfied that the job advertisement meets the required guidelines, then the advertisement will be approved.

9. All advertisements are promoted completely free of charge. 

10. All advertisements will be promoted for a period of one month.

11. Each advertisement can be renewed up to a total of 3 times.

12. If the advertiser would like to renew their advertisement, they can email anytime during the one month period and indicate that they would like their advertisement renewed. However, an advertisement can only be renewed one month at a time in order to ensure the advertiser’s commitment, job position availability, etc. 

14. Advertisements will only be taken down before the one month period if:

  • The job position has been filled.
  • The advertiser requests for this to be done.

15. All potential job candidates must contact the job advertiser directly.

16. Skyline Jobs acts solely as a channel for job advertisements and bears no responsibility for the terms & conditions of the employment, the salary or the details pertaining to the advertised job. 

17. Employees using this site to secure their jobs are free to send their feedback to Skyline at on their satisfaction or otherwise of their jobs and employers.

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